Camping for individuals with special needs!                 

Caglewood Programs

The program is designed to give individuals with special needs opportunities that they would not normally have.  Our Weekend camping trips are truly unique as they offer our campers a genuine camping experience.  We erect and sleep in tents, cook our own meals over a camp fire, hike, swim and much more!  We even take groups of campers on overnight trips hiking approximately 10 miles of the .

All of our activities are designed to be recreational in nature, but to also hold underlying therapeutic and educational values as well.  The program is built to not only give the campers a fun time, but to build self esteem and independence skills.  We encourage our campers not to simply move outside their comfort zone, but to expand it. 

We feel that it is our duty to give our very best to the program; you will not find any members of the staff or the Board of directors who do not contribute both their time and money.  In the same vein, we do not feel our campers should have to settle for anything that is second best so we provide only the best and safest camping gear, meal, and transportation.  There are many programs for the special needs population that are just meeting the needs, but it is our goal to exceed them.  Therefore, we are currently looking to raise enough money to buy a land where in the future we will push the limits of our campers and their integration with the main stream society even further, with a full fledged adaptive and occupational skills training ant therapy program, residential developments built for functionality and luxury, and a fully functioning outdoor camp and retreat center for programs for all populations of people


Weekend Camping

Camping with Purpose

Campers on Caglewood Camping Trips either stay in a tent, which they will be able to help erect, or in a cabin depending on the season in which the trip is taken.  Like-wise, the campers will get a chance to help cook their meals.

All Camping Trips are facilitated by counselors who have been trained by our administrative staff, and are either currently working or studying in the Special Education or a related field.  To ensure that our program offers superior service and personalized programs we maintain a camper to counselor ratio of 2:1.

In addition, to our counselors background, each trip is staffed with individuals who are trained in CPR and First Aid.  All camp vehicles are equipped with the OnStar system for emergency contact and GPS Navigation.

The Trips are all group centered and activities involve the entire group to ensure the security and involvement of each camper at all times.

Campers are engaged on a variety of levels to help them progress physically, mentally, and socially.  It is our goal not only to entertain, but to strengthen each individual.  We do this by offering a variety of  adventures that range from sporting events and water parks to museums and plays.

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Day Trips:

Starting in 2004, Caglewood Day trips were designed to transform ordinary days into amazing adventures for children and adults with disabilities.  Each trip offered unique opportunities just like the weekend camping trips without having to stay overnight.  Like the Camping trips, counselors facilitated all activities in groups in order to maximize safety. Caglewood day programs have taken form as both a week long day camp and individual days spread throughout the year.  We are curretnly not offering day programs but would love to do so again.  if you are interested in helping us reform our day camp activities please contact us.