Camping for individuals with special needs!                 

Weekend Camping


Campers on Caglewood Camping Trips either stay in a tent, which they will be able to help erect, or in a cabin depending on the season in which the trip is taken.  Like-wise, the campers will get a chance to help cook their meals.

All Camping Trips are facilitated by counselors who have been trained by our administrative staff, and are either currently working or studying in the Special Education or a related field.  To ensure that our program offers superior service and personalized programs we maintain a camper to counselor ratio of 2:1.

In addition, to our counselors background, each trip is staffed with individuals who are trained in CPR and First Aid.  All camp vehicles are equipped with the OnStar system for emergency contact and GPS Navigation.

The Trips are all group centered and activities involve the entire group to ensure the security and involvement of each camper at all times.