Camping for individuals with special needs!                 

Caglewood History


The Caglewood program was in development for almost two years prior to the formation of the corporation in 2001. The beginnings of the Caglewood program sprouted from the experience of Jessica and Paul Freeman.  Both served at the same summer camp program as counselors and program leadership while in college.  Paul went on to serve on the board of the camp, and studied Special Education and facility administration while Jessica went on to work with two different brain injury programs where she performed Occupational and Art therapy.  She also facilitated the move of several clients from group homes to independent living.  Then working together they completed developing the Caglewood business plan and began implementing phase one in September of 2001.

Time Line
September 2001 Caglewood was incorporated in the State of .


June 2002 Caglewood received a preliminary ruling of it�s 501(c)-3 status.


July 2002 Caglewood offered its first weekend Camping Trip.


The first year of programming began in the summer of 2002.  The first eight trips offered in 2002 served as a pilot to evaluate the impact need for the program. 


After the need was affirmed Caglewood expanded to 16 trips spread throughout nine months of the year in 2003.


In 2004 Caglewood expanded the offerings by adding the Day Trip program.  Splitting the 16 trips to eight Weekend Camping Trips and eight Day Trips.


2004 Caglewood put on its first large scale fundraiser by beginning the now Annual Caglewood Golf Tournament.


2005 brought programming into eleven months out of the year, and while continuing Day Trips shifted focus back to its base of Weekend Camping.


2006  will be the first program to outfit a group of campers with special needs to hike the .  The Trip will consist of a two day hike of approximately 10 miles of the stopping of at the famous Len Foote Inn for one night.