Camping for individuals with special needs!                 

Camp Caglewood can help with special education.
Activities for Children with Autism, Down Syndrome, CP, PDD and more.
Camp Scholarships for people with Autism, Down Syndrome, CP, PDD and more.
Activities for Children with Autism, Down Syndrome, CP, PDD and more.
501C-3 Local charity in georgia for people with disabilities

Camp Caglewood

Caglewood is a Special Needs Camping Program that serves individuals with developmental disabilities through active programming that provides enhanced life experiences, personal development, and respite opportunities. Caglewood fosters the core development of those we serve by engaging them in activities designed to promote independence and confidence. Caglewood's programming inspires spiritual and social development through communion with nature. A camping trip with Camp Caglewood consists of counselor planned and led activities, crafts, devotionals, hiking, camping, swimming, and various forms of physical therapy and adaptive skills training.

Caglewood is designed for both children and adults diagnosed with developmental disabilities including the autism spectrum, PDD, down syndrome, and cerebral palsy. Parents and caregivers send their loved ones to camp for respite care, and independence growth. Trips in 2010 will be fresh and will each be themed based on time of year and destination. Check out the schedule to see the new destinations and join us on one of our exciting trips.

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