The Caglewood program was in development for almost two years prior to the formation of the corporation in 2001. The beginnings of the Caglewood program sprouted from the experience of Jessica and Paul Freeman. Both served at Camp Glisson as counselors and program leadership while in college. Paul served on the board of Camp Glisson for a short time and studied Special Education and Christian Education at Presbyterian College. Jessica went on to work with two different brain injury programs where she performed Occupational and Art therapy. She also facilitated the move of several clients from group homes to independent living. Working together they completed developing the Caglewood business plan and established Caglewood Incorporated in September of 2001. In the spring of 2002 they launched the first Caglewood Camping Adventure!


Caglewood was named in honor of Bob Cagle. Bob was a defining figure at Camp Glisson and was the Camp Director when Paul and Jessica attended summer camp as kids. Mr. Cagle was beloved by all and was an influential part of many lives including Paul and Jessica Freeman. He believed and promoted that summer camp should be a family atmosphere and that people should feel like they are coming home when they go to camp. We continue that family atmosphere and hope that all our campers feel like they are at home with us.

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