Caglewood strives to provide exceptional programming to our campers. Many organizations similar to Caglewood use low quality or second-hand materials and transportation in order to keep costs down. While individuals with special needs will rarely complain about such accommodations, we believe in providing them with the very best camping equipment, transportation, and meals. Thanks to donations from local businesses and individuals, we are able to provide our campers with an experience of a lifetime.

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Campers on Caglewood Adventures either stay in a tent, which they will be able to help erect, or stay in a cabin depending on the season in which the trip is taken. Like-wise, the campers will get a chance to help build fires, cook meals, clean, manage supplies etc. All of our activities are designed to be recreational in nature, but to also hold underlying therapeutic and educational values as well. The program is built to not only give the campers a fun time, but to build self-esteem and independence skills. We encourage our campers not to simply move outside their comfort zone, but to expand it.


All adventures are facilitated by volunteer adventure guides who have been briefed on each camper's abilities and needs. Every trip also includes guides who have been trained in First Aid and CPR. Most of our volunteers are currently working or studying in the Special Education or a related field. To ensure that our program offers superior service and personalized programs we maintain a camper to counselor ratio of 2:1 or 3:1.

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Adventures are planned to be group centered and activities designed to involve the entire group to ensure the security and involvement of each camper at all times. Campers are engaged on a variety of levels to help them progress physically, mentally, and socially. It is our goal not only to entertain, but to strengthen each individual. We do this by offering a variety of adventures that range from easy going visits to the zoo or a sporting event to exhilarating White Water Rafting and primitive camping.


Each adventure is different. So campers can come on as many adventures as they want and always have a unique experience. Activities range from calm and relaxing to exciting but are always controlled and safe.

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