Our Mission.

Love One Another!

Caglewood, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that serves people with developmental disabilities by teaching them life skills through camping trips and outdoor adventures. Our programming is designed to enable our campers to become socially involved in their communities and be capable of living independently in the future. Caglewood desires to create a better world for everyone, and we plan to execute our mission by spreading the love of Christ within the special needs population.


The special needs population often have difficulty advocating for their own needs and desires, maintaining an active lifestyle, and living independently. Caglewood's goal is to develop these skills through unique, recreational programming. It is the educational aspect of the camp, placed in a nature setting, which makes Caglewood unique to other similar organizations.


We feel that it is our duty to give our very best to the program; you will not find any members of the staff or the Board of Directors who do not contribute both their time and money. In the same manner, we do not feel our campers should have to settle for anything that is second best so we provide only the best and safest camping gear, meals, and transportation. There are many programs for the special needs population that are just meeting the needs, but it is our goal to exceed them.

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